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Safe Heritage
Fire man rescues collection 'Schutterijmuseum' - Photo: ANP 2008

Safe Heritage (Veilig Erfgoed) is part of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. It works to promote heritage safety and security through the provision of information about risk management and preventive measures.

How safe and secure is our heritage? All too frequently, we see headlines about the theft of paintings from a museum, a fire in a national listed monument, the destruction of an archaeological site or archival documents damaged by flooding. Safe Heritage works to raise awareness about this risk of incidents within the heritage domain. What can you as a heritage manager do to reduce the risk of such incidents? And what measures can you take to prevent further damage?

Our objective is to make heritage safety and security an intrinsic part of heritage conservation. We also inform emergency services such as the fire brigade and police and the Ministry of Defence about the cultural and historical value of existing heritage, enabling tailored solutions in the event of incidents.


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